Powerpoint Surreality

I was standing in the computer lab, 20 persons in front of me, 10 persons behind me, in the queue for the computers. It is essay time right now, lots of people need the computers to do theirs. Still some of them use them to look at pictures of Johnny Depp or use Bebo, a Facebook/Myspace-ripoff popular here on the Islands, while 30 people are waiting and sweating for a computer. They don't have a working ventilation system in that room.
Often, like me, just to do something as simple as print out an essay.
So while I was waiting I was looking around and saw a girl doing a presentation in Powerpoint. My attention mostly was drawn by the ugly purple background she used for her slides, but then I noticed the heading: "Christmas in Germany".
Well then, maybe she is a German major who does some cultural classes! I thought for some seconds. Then she switched slides and the first headline came up: "Where is Germany?"
Okay, so maybe she was not a major.
I still wondered why someone in Third level here in Ireland would deem it neccessary to include the location of the Europe Union's most populous country. What does she expect from her audience? What do they learn in geography here?
Then my looks are drawn to her neighbour, who, as well, now had opened Powerpoint and, as well, choose a rather debatable background for the whole thing: rainbow colours. It looked an awful lot like the gay pride flag, which I think would be a bitch to read on at the wall. Especially if she kept on using red blackletter to write her text.
Only then I notice the heading of the slide she was looking at: "Gas masks"
28.11.07 16:18

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Calaquehel / Website (28.11.07 20:00)
Hallo Octoculus,
da musste ich aber überlegen wer mir da jetzt einen Kommentar auf meinem Blog hinterlassen hat, bis ich erkannt habe, dass es die Person ist, über die ich geschrieben habe. Schön, dass du auch bei mir vorbeigekommen bist!
Wenn du dir irgendwann einen anderen Ort suchst, an dem du diese sehr interessanten Gedanken veröffentlichst, lass es mich bitte wissen, damit ich weiterhin daran teilhaben kann!
Wieso schreibst du eigentlich soviel auf Englisch in letzter Zeit? Da fällt mir jedes Mal wieder ein, dass ich für Englisch schon seit Jahren nichts mehr getan habe und meine Sprachkenntnisse mehr oder weniger den Bach runtergegangen sind. Soll heißen ich habe Schwierigkeiten dir auf Englisch zu folgen.
Ansonsten weiter so!

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