I stumble out of the bar into the smoking area. Actually I'm looking for the male restroom so it confuses me a bit when I see a girl standing there, smoking...
"Hi!" She says. "Are you a second year? I never seen you!"
"Er... no, I'm an international student." I say.
"Oh, are you from France?"
"No, I'm from Germany."
"You know that you have no French accent at all?"
"Um... yeah? Maybe because I'm not from France..."
"So what part of France are you from?"
"Oh... oh, you're from Germany?!"
Well... yes I am...
4.10.07 17:40

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/// / Website (30.11.07 03:43)
haha, be glad. at least nobody asked you where germany is.

or maybe irish people are just smarter than americans. who knows.

good night.

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